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onsdag 24 mars 2010

Some english thoughts about doing things

It has been a while since my last english entrance. Thera has been many things on my mind - but not many english thougths.

Well, I have a test in didactic history soon. I am not very entusiastic about this culture they have at "Humanisten" with tests upon tests. There is a certain amount of space in my brain and I think my limit is nearly peaked. You could argue that I have other things like my job and my private life on my mind and that I would have to cool down with that lifepuzzle. But I think in wider perspectives now - questions about humanity.

We are all humanbeings, sometimes you can mix up and beleive that you are a humandoing. Then you have to stop yourself and ask some unpleasant questions. Why do you recognize yourself in "doing" and not "being"? What happens if you stop "doing" yourself and just start "being" it? When you ar a being you need sleep, food, love, peace and understanding. Haha the last bit sounded a bit too Hippiesh. These are the questions that I am frighten of. I am not good at creating this balance in life. I have to remind myself that I have a worth of my own. I do not need to achieve anything to be good enough.

There is more to life than this - as Björk sang a long time ago.

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