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onsdag 26 maj 2010

last english entrance

hello everybody. Time has come to sum up this semester - and to make the last english entrance in this blog. This time I feel like the course have been a bit too challanging. My own level was not good enough to pass. I am not all to happy about that choise of mine to study english when I look at the new teacher programme that is about to develop. I will be, like I said yesterday in class, an elephant with my three subjects that you can call school-like. Swedish, Math, English - and my other two subjects eurytmics and drama. I am sorry to say that my weakest link will be english. I feel that I have not got any methods to meet the children with. I have to create this all by myself.

I want to thank Pia Köhlmyr for her support. When someone encourages you to not give up you feel more up to do things. I respect her for being able to say that she have been through all ages and stages as a teacher.

Well, that´s all. Last exam on monday - I hope - but I signed up for the retake in case of any struggles.

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