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fredag 9 april 2010

So here is a tip for all of you out there - don´t weep in front of your tutors.

Well, time to pracise my language again. I have been sitting concentrating on my resitexam in phonetics today. Now I beg you all to cross your fingers so that I will pass. There is a lot of things going on at the moment. I got back a summary I wrote a week ago. It was kind of embarrasing to look at all my mistakes. But the funniest mistake were the headline where I got it totaly wrong and I laught out loud when I saw it. Our tutor is very kind and she circulated to give us feedback at our texts, a good thing. Although yesterday I felt horrible with more bluemarkings and corrections than actual text. I couldn´t bare to look in her eyes, and all of a sudden I surprisingly started to weep. Very unpleasant and even more embarrasing. But I thougth my Tutor handled it well. But I felt very unprofesional and childish.

Whatever. Now it is time for a weekend off duty - I am going to get out in this marvelous spring that been popping up outside my window!

over and out

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