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onsdag 27 januari 2010

blurry thoughts allowed.

I would like to share a qoute from the phonetics-session I had today.

"A pearlnecklase is not only a lots of pearls, it´s also the shape of pearls in a row"

Our tutor made a metaphor about split sentences up into sounds. You got to have the whole picture to understand something. I love it beacuse it does fit in my whole language approach to learning.

We got a litteraturesuggestion: Jazzchants by Carolyn Graham. I just write it here so I do not forget to look it up.

Well. I have been thinking of this from the whole to bits and vice versa reacently. I can easily translate this into my older dramakids. Often when I give them their first manuscript with their name on they surprisingly expept that every line is made for them only. When I explain that their character only have some of the lines they feel mugged of the sensation to "own" a whole script. It is quite challanging to explain to them that teather is not suppose to happen on some sheets of paper - but on the floor. In compulsory school I think they almost allways have to make or read from scripts. What they do "on stage" are not as relevant as the preparations. Shame. Because On the floor - right now and there - the pupils grasp out for lines. They suddenly can´t brake free from their lines and play. They do not see the communicative parts in a dialogue in the same way as in a spontanous improvised act. There is a lot to be said about this, but now I really have to stop and read some Phonetics...

Over and out

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