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lördag 16 januari 2010

Rythm is king!

Today I took my djembe (a big drum from africa) and went away to Alingsås. When I got of the train some nostalgic feeling struck me. Alingsås, the little Pippi Longstocking-alike town half an hour north from Gothenbourg. Alingsås Kulturskola was one of my workplaces during spring 2007-fall 2008. I felt my own tracks along the cobblestones - how many times haven´t I walked this way? Well - after this memory lane I finally got to Kabomhuset. 3 stairs up there is a big room called Kabomsalen on my time - but novadays it is named Carin Olssonsalen to honour one of the former teachers with the same name. The roon was filled with drums in every possible sizes and I felt very exited when I saw my former collegue Kirsten enter the room. She is so charismatic and very good att making people feel at ease. Two other former collegues arrived and plenty of other random people in the ages 5-40+.

Then it started: workshop in djembedrumming. I am allways very facinated by the power you feel when drumming different rythms. I feel a lot of adrenalin pumping trhough my veins and endorfins spread into my whole body. When I play on my djembe I allways feel more connected to my body somehow. There is some kind of meditative quality with the ongoing rythm. I breathe in a more planned and grounded way. It is fantastic to experience 15 drums playing together - it feels so much bigger than a solosession at home!

I drummed so entusiasticly that my fingers started to bleed - but it does not matter at all. Some monestarystrips on and then I could continue!

Well, it is a very very good feeling that I hope everybody would have every now and then.

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