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fredag 22 januari 2010

Why study english?

We are all supposed to have a processlog, in english, in this course. You who followed ny blog for a while knows that this blogg reprecents a piece of my processlogg. So the only step I am taking this semester with this medium is to translate my thoughts to the enlgish lanugage. Or more correctly - try to. I am not certain that I will cope to maintain the english every time I get into my writing - so please do not tune me out if you don´t fancy my english spelling or whatever.

First question you have to ask yourself when you´re taking a course is WHY?
Why should I study english for teachers? Why should I not study something more handy in primary school?

The last question I met in the end of last semester. People on the Mathematics course where worried about that I chose one more language. They said that I should go for Science or Society knowledge which contains about 3-4 subjects each. But I felt that English compelled to me more. My other subjects math, swedish, eurythmics and drama all connects to eachother and english. How? Well all of them can be used in some way to communicate. I think my primary goal for my young-learners-to-be is the skill of communication.
I think that english teaching would be integrated as soon as possible - even in pre-school. childrens ability to absorb phonetical melodies and stuff are really fantastic actually.

Novadays english is almost a second language in Sweden - you can´t function in the society without basic knowledge related to english. The learning procedure is not taking place in the same ways or places that they did at my own schooling. I do not remember any particular teaching in english before 5th grade. But at home we spoke english since 1st grade. My mother partly growed up in Britain and we once had an au pair from Britain to. My oldest brother learned english nearly before swedish - an today he is faboulus at speak as well as write. I do think that it is partly because of our au pair, english tv and computergames.

I´ve allways seen english like a tool for communication. I want my pupils to get the same message.

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